“Freakin amazing . My personal conclusion is that for typical meats and chick and seafood. Prepare As normal. My typical use is adding it to , or creating a new sauce that can be drenched or dipped slightly to each persons taste . Stirring the RHMO is a must to unleash the robust flavor . The thing I like most is it allows you to strip down unnecessary fattening flavor preparations and and the flavor to the dressing.  With RHMO you add a boat load of flavor!  Feels like no sacrifice. Taste bud heaven !“ -Jett B., Sarasota, Florida

“Red Hot Motor Oil’s deep, roasty, chile flavors, and balanced heat & lingering nuttiness make it an excellent addition to any salad, grain or pasta-based dish! I highly recommend it!”
-Andrew D., Chef/Owner of Michelangelo’s Pizza & Beer in Fullerton, CA

“This stuff is amazing! I love it on ice cream and my eggs in the morning. Cant wait to put it on my mac n cheese tomorrow! Way to go!”  -Ashley W.

“This is awesome! Used some in my Marinara sauce and in some pimento cheese. Really gives it a kick up! Spices are so balanced and just the right amount of heat, but not too much. I love it!” -Kim-Freels M.

“I tried Red Hot Motor Oil on a Choice Rib Eye. It enhanced the steak from the grill to the plate and added that something extra to make an everyday steak into a gourmet Steak House entrée!” -Michael W., Ralphs Manager Fullerton, CA

“I made white chicken enchiladas, boiled my chicken to shred. As I was shredding it, I decided to put a little of the Red Hot Motor Oil on a plate and dipped my chicken in it. Well, I almost ate too much chicken!!!! Then I found my self adding a little to my rice, then in my white sauce! It’s what I would call the Grippo effect, they are hot, but you can’t quit eating them! Next will try on the ice cream!!!! Pretty Damn Good!” -facebook post by RHMO fan

“Smelling a new product for the first time is quite revealing…then comes tasting it. It was like the Fourth of July on my tastebuds!! Red Hot Motor Oil is an awesome experience! My college student son said this: ”As I was eating Red Hot Motor Oil for the first time, all I could think was…I WANT MORE!!!”-Dianne C., Fullerton, CA

“I used it to roast some butternut squash in....very Yummy! Let’s get on board this indiegogo campaign and make this product more accessible. I want more of this wonderful elixir. Had it drizzled over turkey and crab stuffed peppers last night....Yum! -Cheri B.

“I just want to say it is out of this world delicious. Not too hot not too over powering. I put it on crab cakes yum!! Thank you for sending me a bottle! I love it.” -Judy H.

“I tasted it with a fork in to all 3 layers. What a unique delicious smoky hot flavor! I loved it.”
-Debbie C.

“Looks like a winner to me!!!!!!!” -Nina H.

“Red Hot Motor Oil. A very unique smoky/charred oil. I am not sure if it is a dip but I just enjoyed 10+ crackers covered in this oily goodness. Heat around a Jalapeno. Cant wait to cook with this stuff . Support an up and coming product. check them out.” -John F.

“What they have done here is awesome. As an avid cook and culinary student, I can usually nail what is in a recipe, but this blend is so smooth, hitting on just the right taste buds, but nothing overpowers anything...all I can say is WOW. Please keep it coming!” -Kim F.

“This was so good! I remember my friend bringing this to class in 8th grade. 5 stars, easy!”
-Andre B.