Red Hot Motor Oil's unique taste comes from a dried blend of fresh chiles and other very secret, but completely natural spices. We have to say though, that the chiles we use are the front runner to the flavor party. Their spicy, somewhat nutty taste really adds a burst of flavor that compliments a wide variety of dishes. Mix that in with our spices and oil, and you've got yourself one of the most addictive and delicious flavors out there! It's genuinely so tasty that our family can't help but lick it off the spoon after we drizzle it over our meals.

Rather it's combined with the savory bite of macaroni and cheese, the sweetness of a stack of pancakes, the heartiness of bacon & eggs, the crunch of a crisp and refreshing salad, the comforting taste of a bowl of rice, or the grilled juiciness of a chicken breast. We guarantee your first Red Hot Motor Oil experience will be one to remember. You'll want to put it on everything!

We are also 100% gluten and soy free!

The recipe was created in this home in Whittier, CA in 2002.


We've always loved spicy food, but we wanted something unique. We grew tired of the vinegar based hot sauces that were on the shelves and wanted something a bit nuttier than the almost sweet flavors of the Asian cuisine chili oils. So a little over ten years ago we embarked on the adventure of creating our own condiment. We knew we wanted something along the lines of a chili oil because it could produce a lot of flavor without having to use stronger ingredients like vinegar. It took more than a half dozen tries, but a little over ten years ago we settled on an absolutely phenomenal flavor.  Ever since then it's been a staple in our family's culinary lifestyle.

It was only a few years ago that we began sharing it with friends, family, and strangers. Everyone who tried it gave us nothing but raving feedback; saying they found it to be a delicious and flavorful experience. Overtime we got more and more comments about its unique and addictive taste. This led us to the idea of getting it out there on a larger scale.